Honey Meadow Inc.

Artisanal Botanical Cookies That Delight Your Eyes and Revive Your Soul. 

A Little About My Cookies

Honey Meadow brings beauty and wonder from the botanical world straight to your taste buds. My original and only aim is to recharge your soul and support your authentic growth by offering you cookies that have limited processed ingredients and contain natural benefits.

My artisanal cookies are exclusive because they are elegantly decorated with various edible flowers and herbs. Moreover, I offer a variety of unique floral flavors and sweeten the cookies with honey and brown sugar to provide you with their satisfying taste.

Their charming appearance and unique taste makes these cookies the perfect gift for everyone and any occasion.

Please contact me directly for special event orders, including birthdays, engagement parties, bridal parties, weddings, baby showers etc.

For your convenience, I offer free delivery and pick up in the Greater Toronto Area. 

"They are really unique. I have not had cookies like yours before!" 

Vancouver, BC

"How can we eat them? They are so pretty!"

Victoria, BC

"I gave some cookies to my friends, they all loved the concept and the flavours! I thought they were perfectly sweetened and beautiful. Thank you!"  

Victoria, BC

"It's absolutely delicious! I just devoured my first one."

Richmond, BC

A Little About Me

Kristina G.

Budding Herbalist & Owner

My passion for flowers and herbs grew and expanded from my garden to my kitchen and now, lucky for you, to your plate. I research and choose only ingredients and toppings which can benefit the mind, body and soul. My hope is that each cookie, with its magical appearance and floral flavors, will provide my customers with a lovely pause and allow them to enjoy the present moment. I understand that the world is moving at blinding speed and that a pause in time can make a significant impact to our health and our overall lives. I am offering you an edible bouquet and simply ask you to enjoy it in harmony. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at the information below. 


I handmake the botanical cookies in Toronto. The cookies can be picked up at this location after arrangements are made at checkout. 


2756 Old Leslie Street, North York, Ontario